Sunday, May 17, 2009



im so naughty- havent posted a damn thing since ive been home and still have many photos to post from SF. forgive me friends xxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, April 3, 2009

ashbury bart flea market

this flea market was so fun. so many different things to look at and different people to study. little trinkets, hats, african masks, clothes, shoes, earings, stones, basketball cards, porn, obama shirts, soaps. i spent so long touching and picking up everything for a closer look-

their was a very large amount of people sitting under the bart station outside playing instruments- symbols, saxaphones, wooden drums etc. the people were all playing at different times to different beats, banging and whistling. i loved it-

she was really cute

i found her sitting on a street alone waiting for someone to come along for a potrait but it looked like she'd just been sitting in the same spot the whole day, trailing off into her own world. she had an incredible portrait of herself as a sample of her work. after looking at her drawing for a couple of minutes and then convincing her to make it ten dollars not twenty, she drew me-

Thursday, April 2, 2009

san francisco zoooooooooooo

YAY HAPPPY ZOO DAY! i was so excited to go to the zoo today and see all the cutie little animals. about 5 minutes in to my lovely zoo day i realised that the zoo is actually kinda boring especially when your alone. who are you supposed to turn to and be all like 'look at the cutie little penguins, awww they re so cute'? NO ONE thats who. stuck in a place completely surrounded by animals you dont really care about/have seen before and people who are excited to see kangaroos, o and of course ASIANS. i saw a polar bear for the first time though and the trees and plants were really pretty to look at. blai blai blai-

he was such a little cutie mr monkey man-

the california academy of science part two

since we were very very late to free day at the california academy of science last time we waited till next free day to go see the rainforest section. it was definately worth the wait. its incredible how much the inside looks like a rainforest with all the trees and vines and fish etc- frogs, catfish, iguanas, SNAKES,pretty butterflies, eels, birds that are heaps colourful and pretty much scary becuase they are so fast and make sudden movements (as my lovely girlfriends would know i dont like things that make sudden movements they scare me eg. moths, cockroaches, frogs, lizards.) annnnnnnnnyway here are some photos my dears-

so eventually we left the gorgeous rainforest and went for a stroll in another gorgeous place- golden gate park-

Sunday, March 22, 2009

two great things

i was walking along mission on the way home when i saw this and threw everything down to get my camera out and capture it. i succeeded-

still walking along mission on the way home i could here bagpipes really close and remembered today was St Patricks day. i couldnt figure out where the bagpipes were coming from. i walked into a back street in search of mr man and his bagpipes and there in an alley alone was this man dressed in a complete irish outfit playing. i was amazed-